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multimedie — Den Danske Ordbog – Ordnet

kombination af forskellige kommunikationsformer, fx tekst, billede, lyd og film, der indgår som en helhed i forbindelse med fx undervisning, teater, …

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Synonym for Multimedia

multikulturel · multikulturelle · multilateral · multilingual · multimedia · multinational · multinationalt firma · multipel …

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MULTIMEDIA Synonyms: 3 Synonyms & Antonyms for MULTIMEDIA |

synonyms for multimedia · interactive media · intermedia · mixed media.

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multimedia – Synonymer, antonymer og udtale – DigoPaul

Definition af multimedia: Synonymer, antonymer og udtale

Læs mere om engelske ord: multimedia, herunder definition, synonymer, antonym, udtale. … WebMultimedie teknologi; Netværk multimedia; Multimedia Audio …

Læs mere om engelske ord: multimedia, herunder definition, synonymer, antonym, udtale.

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Synonyms · multimedia system · hypermedia · interactive multimedia system · hypermedia system · transmission …

Similar words for Multimedia. Definition: noun. [‘ˌməltiːˈmiːdiːə, ˌməltaɪˈmiːdiːə’] transmission that combine media of communication (text and graphics and sound etc.).

What is another word for multimedia? – WordHippo

What is another word for multimedia? ; multimodal · cross-media ; multichannel …

Multimedia Information Systems – Side 91 – Resultat for Google Books

Multimedia Information Systems – Google Bøger

Multimedia Information Systems brings together in one place important contributions and up-to-date research results in this fast moving area. Multimedia Information Systems serves as an excellent reference, providing insight into some of the most challenging research issues in the field.

Computed Synchronization for Multimedia Applications

Computed Synchronization for Multimedia Applications – Charles B. Owen, Fillia Makedon – Google Bøger

Multimedia is changing the design of database and information retrieval systems. The accumulation of audio, image, and video content is of little use in these systems if the content cannot be retrieved on demand, a critical requirement that has led to the development of new technologies for the analysis and indexing of media data. In turn, these technologies seek to derive information or features from a data type that can facilitate rapid retrieval, efficient compression, and logical presentation of the data. Significant work that has not been addressed, however, is the benefits of analyzing more than one data type simultaneously. Computed Synchronization for Multimedia Applications presents a new framework for the simultaneous analysis of multiple media data objects. The primary benefit of this analysis is computed synchronization, a temporal and spatial alignment of multiple media objects. Computed Synchronization for Multimedia Applications also presents several specific applications and a general structure for the solution of computed synchronization problems. The applications demonstrate the use of this structure. Two applications in particular are described in detail: the alignment of text to speech audio, and the alignment of simultaneous English language translations of ancient texts. Many additional applications are discussed as future uses of the technology. Computed Synchronization for Multimedia Applications is useful to researchers, students, and developers seeking to apply computed synchronization in many fields. It is also suitable as a reference for a graduate-level course in multimedia data retrieval.

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